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Brexit is one of the many topic area covered by Moody's. Other topical areas include the credit implications of rising trade tensions, bank regulation and capital, corporate leverage, environmental, social and governance issues. 

Let Moody's Analytics QRATE help you conduct advanced credit analysis

Moody’s Analytics QRATE™ is designed to estimate credit quality for U.S Public Finance entities using quantitative economic, demographic and financial metrics.

Why use Moody's Analytics QRATE™?

Complex models power an easy-to-use interface. Complex models for 11 sectors built by economists at Moody’s Analytics, using the quantitative aspects of Moody’s Investors Service rating methodologies.

Nuanced relative risk within a ratings notch. Estimate probability of default and loss-given-default for a rated or unrated municipal issuer using QSCORES that are mapped to Moody’s Investors Service ratings scale.

Estimate changes in credit quality. Conduct scenario analysis by changing Moody’s Investors Service analyst-adjusted key financials.

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Input drivers of credit quality to determine a QSCORE and Q-rating

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