US States Preparedness 
for the Next Recession

Download our key findings from our recent annual stress test on state government budgets

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Brexit is one of the many topic area covered by Moody's. Other topical areas include the credit implications of rising trade tensions, bank regulation and capital, corporate leverage, environmental, social and governance issues. 

The next recession: Are you prepared for it?

It has almost been a decade since the Great Recession, and many are beginning to look ahead to the next economic downturn. Moody’s Analytics QRATE™ allows you to stress an issuer and generate a proxy rating using quantitative inputs for US states, cities, and other local government entities.

QRATE™ case study: The City of San Bernardino, CA

In 2012, the city of San Bernardino, CA, filed for bankruptcy protection. But a bankruptcy doesn't happen overnight.  Dan White discusses how QRATE™ can help investors identify risks in advance of a credit event.

Download our free infographic that provides an overview of Moody’s Analytics’ recent stress-testing exercise on US states.